Career Counseling for Recent Graduates

What Now?

Solutions for Recent and Soon-to-be College Grads

Seem like "everyone" has a killer job and a successful future lined up? Actually, many college grads leave campus with no next steps.

You could really benefit from working with a career counselor, and my experience at Roger Williams University and as a faculty member at Virginia Tech and George Mason University make me especially qualified to help.

Whether jobs in your major are scarce, you're unsure where to apply, or you're submitting applications but no one is calling, here's what we can do to energize your search:

  • Get the facts through a Self-Assessment: identify the jobs and careers you'd be happiest and most successful pursuing.
  • Develop a list of target jobs and employers. Develop some alternates just in case.
  • Arm you with the right tools — winning resumes and cover letters, targeted to specific jobs and fields; strong interviewing skills and confidence; negotiating techniques to secure an appropriate salary and benefits package.
  • Make a plan and go to it. Set ambitious, achievable goals to measure progress. Regroup if something needs addressing along the way.

It's your search; I provide powerful tools and an objective viewpoint. It's an investment in your future, to help you find a rewarding job instead of getting stuck just paying the bills.

Schedule a free 20-minute session by phone to find out how you can benefit from my career counseling services.

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Lorene works with clients nationwide by phone and email, and from her office just outside Portsmouth, NH.

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