Re-Careering Airline Pilots

New Careers for Airline Pilots

What's Next When Your Career has Retired You

As the spouse of an airline pilot who was laid off, I know the unique issues you're facing. Do you pursue a job with another airline, with no seniority and a substantial pay cut? Or if you change careers, how do you convince employers that your skills and experience will translate into their field?

Together we can explore your options — there are probably more than you think. We'll target your job search based on your skills, interests and personality, create a plan to help you successfully pursue the best options, and fully equip you with the tools to carry it out. These are some of the questions we can answer:

  • If you need a job fast, how can you make sure it's rewarding, and offers a good salary and benefits?
  • Are there aviation jobs off the flight deck that would value your background as a pilot?
  • How do you convince non-aviation employers that your skills and experience are valuable assets? How do you create a resume, cover letters and interview answers that support your cause?
  • If you're starting a business, how realistic are your prospects? What can you do to ensure success?
  • If you're ready for "retirement," how do you achieve your goals — go back to school, travel, work, volunteer?

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