Getting a Federal Government Job

Getting a Federal Government Job

Negotiating the Maze of the Federal Hiring Process

As a Career Coach with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), I've helped countless employees move up within the Agency and land jobs in other areas of the Federal government.

Leveraging my insider's knowledge of the Federal hiring process and what hiring managers are looking for, together we can:

  • Develop a complete checklist of steps, requirements, forms and clearances in the hiring process for your target job.
  • Create a powerful Federal resume or convert a private-sector resume to Federal format.
  • Outline and write compelling KSA narratives that demonstrate why you're the candidate for the job.
  • Fine-tune your interviewing skills, specifically preparing you for rigorous Federal interviews.
  • If necessary, address relocation issues to help you plan a successful move.

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Lorene works with clients nationwide by phone and email, and from her office just outside Portsmouth, NH.

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