Career Counseling for Career Changes

Feeling Stuck?

When Something Has to Change, What Should it Be?

Whether you've simply realized it's time to move on, or you've been downsized, outsourced or let go, we can work together to help you make effective, rewarding changes. It's a critical time to step back, take stock and take action – to ensure the changes you make will be for the best.

Together we can focus your options and plan your next steps — so you have a clear path to a rewarding destination. We can:

  • Administer career assessments like the Myers-Brigs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory to help uncover career interests and options
  • Focus your job or career search and identify target employers
  • Develop a training plan if new skills are required
  • Revise or create your resume and tailor it to specific employers
  • Help you write effective cover letters and follow-up letters
  • Fine-tune your interviewing skills through mock interviews
  • Sharpen your negotiating skills to get you the bess possible salary and benefits package

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Lorene works with clients nationwide by phone and email, and from her office just outside Portsmouth, NH.

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